Photos from Miss Nigeria 2002 Sylvia Edem Emechete’s 40th Birthday

The queen celebrated her birthday over the weekend with an all-white garden party. Speaking on her birthday Sylvia says:

Today is the big 40, I am in awe of what my life has become, My Journey and Experiences through Life has been nothing short of a Blessing. I have never not known kindness from my fellow human beings as the Law of Attraction has pulled me to such a wonderful family, amazing and diverse group of friends and loved ones that cherish me so much. My Life has been a wonderful Story so far and all I pray for now is the Strength to consciously be a shining example to others throughout my journey and that the Almighty continues to grant me Bliss as I strive in fulfilment of my Tasks on Earth! And to continue to make a positive difference in the lives of others in my small little ways! This Queen has come In Service to Humanity, my time is Now!


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