Michelle Obama, former American first lady and author of a new book, “The Light We Carry,”Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, has reflected on what her parents taught her that shaped her life to the number address in the world: The White House. Michelle  who made this disclosure on twitter wrote:

I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for my parents, Fraser and Marian Robinson. The lessons they taught me, the support they gave me, and the love they showed me — that foundation might be the most important gift of my entire journey. Here are just a couple of values they instilled in me:

Watching my father struggle with his health was incredibly difficult for me, but I still carry the lessons that he taught me about perseverance to this day. He used to say, “You fall, you get back up, you carry on,” and he showed me that it was okay to lean on something or someone in order to make it through life.  

My mother taught me how to think for myself and use my voice. She has been a constant as I continue to navigate life—teaching me how to raise each of my daughters for who they are, and always reminding me that when days get tough, there’s always a place for me at home. “We will always like you here,” she says. There is no way Barack  and I would have gotten through our time in the White House without her, and I am so grateful she’s been there for us on our journey. #TheLightWeCarry is dedicated to them. I’ll forever be thankful for the flame they lit inside of me,” she stated.

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