Nigerian Actress on Friday has relieved an ordeal she went through with an unknown man who wanted to take advantage of the fact that she was solo driving on Third Mainland Bridge.

The 38-year old actress said she got lucky when the traffic moved and she was able to wade of the unknown man who actually wanted to rob her.

She tweeted: “Last night about 9pm, one guy almost robbed me on the 3rd MB. I was lucky the traffic moved a bit so I moved my car and then he took off
Under the bridge at Oworonsoki needs to be sanitised. The guy jumped out from under the bridge. They target people driving alone. Be safe guys.”

She further added: “If you are driving alone in traffic, don’t drive on the fast lane (the last lane by your left), let your car be in between cars.

“Ladies especially, if you can, please stay wherever you are till you see daylight. THERE IS HUNGER IN TOWN.”

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