It was Elisabeth Sheff who said “Earth would be such a better place every second of everyday if we could just show up with an attitude of generosity and gratitude, and acceptance for one another”.

The story of Dr. Obinna Okpara is the story of determination and tenacity. It’s the testimony that one can choose the life that he wants to live no matter the condition of his birth, or the circumstances surrounding his environment.

After graduating from university in top class, together with masters degree and P.hd respectively, honesty and integrity became the bedrock of his successes today in all his field of endeavor from different establishment.

As a United Nations Ambassador, he has built various houses for the less privileged both within his Akokwa community in Imo state and outside his community.

His Street and some parts of his community in Akokwa are decorated with solar street lights as part of his Solar Street projects, together with 24/7 bore hole water supply to his community.

Many students and children of the poor are beneficiaries of scholarships under the Mmirioma Scholarship scheme.

Despite all his business achievements and philanthropy, Obinna Okpara is not tired to uplift the members of his community out of poverty and usher them into the lane of prosperity.

As someone who believes in nurturing young talent and potentials, he donated and sponsored Nmirioma Unity Cup played among six villages in his community with different cash prizes from the first team to the last team, scholarships and trials abroad for those who wants to continue further in football.

As the OZO-JI for 2023 Akokwa New Yam Festival (IWA JI),he decided to mark it by empowering some members of his community thereby rewarding the farmers bountifully with different types of gifts and cash according to the rate of there harvest. Little wonder the traditional ruler H.R.M EZE (SIR) IKENNA C. OKOLI,KSC (OKOLI V) (AGBAKWRUIBE III) THE 11th OBI OF AKOKWA. honored him with the traditional title of Nmirioma Akokwa.

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