United Nigeria Airlines Company Limited has introduced an innovative payment system that will boost the capacity of its passengers to fly the airline at a minimal cost.

The new payment system, known as Pay Small Small (PSS), will allow passengers to plan for their trips through installment payments for tickets.

According to the airline, the payment system is being offered to the traveling public in partnership with Kalabash, a payment solutions company.

A statement by the airline said the PSS service “will be available for all United Nigeria Airlines passengers and will give them access to great travel deals, allowing them to lock down the best prices by paying as little as 25 percent of the total cost as down payment and splitting the balance into convenient instalments from 24hrs to 6 months, starting from 18th November 2022.”

It noted that the “PSS service is very straightforward, with no credit checks or scrutiny necessary.”

It further stated, “PSS is a flexible travel payment plan that is designed with experienced and intending travellers in mind.”

Speaking at the unveiling of the PSS system recently in Lagos, the Chairman of United Nigeria Airlines, Prof. Obiora Okonkwo, said the airline would do its best to offer its clients opportunities that will make travelling seamless for them.

According to him, “We are continually looking for opportunities and collaborations that will foster innovation, happiness, and convenience for our loyal customer base.”

Also commenting, the Chief Executive Officer of Kalabash, Ladi Ojuri, said the PSS system would ease the burden of a one-off payment for travel on United Nigeria Airlines.

“Technology, in our opinion, has the power to drastically alter daily life in Africa. We are thrilled to have partnered with United Nigeria Airlines to meet its travellers’ demands for a payment solution to make travel convenient and affordable given the current economic climate of the country,” he said.

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