MTN Group is Africa’s largest mobile network operator equipping more than 280 million subscribers with voice, data, fintech, digital, enterprise, wholesale, and API services across 19 markets, of which 17 are in Africa.

The technology company is actualising its purpose of enabling subscribers access to modern connected life. Speaking about the company’s affinity to the continent, CEO of MTN Nigeria, Karl Toriola, said, “We want to create a tremendous amount of value for the society in which we operate. The DNA of MTN is, first, believing in Africa, believing in Nigeria, and helping to uplift all of our communities and then bridging the digital divide to give Africans the technological edge required to stand out internationally.”

Established in South Africa in 1994, MTN Group has consistently invested in sophisticated communication infrastructure, developed new technologies, and deployed diverse talents to offer top-notch solutions across the digital spectrum. Ralph Mupita, CEO/President of MTN Group, spoke to the media about the organisation’s commitment to implementing Ambition 2025 across the African continent. He said, “At MTN, providing our customers and business partners with the best digital infrastructure is the role that we humbly serve as allies for the progress of the nation-states where we operate. Contrary to the suggestions, there are no use cases for 5G in Africa; we took a bold step to say that we will not take a backseat when the opportunity comes to roll out fifth-generation technology in Africa.”

Presently, MTN Group is leading the 5G launch in key African markets like South Africa, Botswana, Uganda, and Zambia and Nigeria, with plans to expand in the coming months. Ralph said, “We believe 5G is for Africans, and we participated in the auctions when frequencies became available. We believe everyone deserves a better modern connected life and have always emphasised that the quality of any network we build must be at par with international best practices.”

As MTN Group remains committed to implementing Ambition 2025, leading digital solutions for Africa’s progress, they aim to bridge the digital gap by providing mobile-broadband networks to the 23 percent of Africans that do not currently have access.

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